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    magazine2---Transcript of an interview with the 2020S wooden box production team from Tatsuka Village, Miyazaki Prefecture

    Journal of Information

    "2020S" is a complete art box that brings together Ryuichi Sakamoto's activities throughout the year 2020. This

            work will transcend the existence form of musical works or even art works in the general sense, and the overall

            production process aims to realize the concept of "symbolic existence of Japanese culture". Its production is

            nearing the end and it has entered the stage of preparing for sale.

            In our previous "Behind the Scenes" series, we went into the making of the packaging and the ceramic artwork to

            trace the appeal of 2020S, but the soul of this work is Ryuichi Sakamoto's music.

            Sakura Gathering,

            "2020S" will not only include music that Sakamoto will produce and release in 2020, but will also include new

            music that is based on one of the main themes of the work, "fragments of memory". The sound of breaking pottery

            will be used in the new song, which Sakamoto has long wanted. A total of seven simulated albums, Ryuichi

            Sakamoto's memories throughout the year together, is a "music back to nature" work. This post returns to the

            origin of the complete art box with a recording of Sakamoto's music from 2020 and his new song Fragments, Time,

            which uses the sound of breaking pottery.

            Musician Ryuichi Sakamoto


            While last year's all-art box, Ryuichi Sakamoto 2019, featured mostly film soundtracks, the new 2020S brings

            together crossover collaborations. In addition to the film Your Face directed by Tsai Ming-liang (English name:

            Your Face, Kogonada's After Yang, It also included the soundtrack BV created for the Italian luxury brand Bao

            Diehome propaganda video and the Passage produced for the NPO public service organization MOR (Music of

            Remembrance) in Seattle, USA. It also included the theme song of the mini-TV series Cat Village Lady of Today by

            Tokyo TV Station, Cat Village Lady Song. From the variety of these works, we can see Sakamoto's active figure in

            various fields of music.


            In addition, S/N for Lee Ufan v.2, created for contemporary artist Lee Woo-hwan's solo art exhibition, uses a

            piano from the piano