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    About us

    The wind starts at the end of the green duckweed, and the waves form between the small waves.
    Inji Media is committed to the dissemination of fresh and timely design information and the production and promotion of high-quality design worldwide, covering many fields such as architecture, landscape, interior, art and products. With the unique perspective of designers, we touch the essence from the phenomenon to give the audience more sources of materials and sources of inspiration.
    Inji Media was born in 2016. With WeChat we-media and the official website of www.yinjispace.com as its main sites, Inji Media promotes multi-channel, more convenient and effective professional interaction and sharing based on the open Internet platform.
    Its official account @Yanji has become one of the most influential official accounts of interior design, and its product account @Yanji has been devoted to the promotion of products. Sina weibo account @Yinji Aesthetics has become one of the most influential and interactive micro-blog groups in Weibo design category. Through unremitting efforts, Indo-China Media has paid attention to and forwarded hundreds of millions of times, and has become one of the most active and friendly design new media platforms in the industry.
    "Discover the beauty of global design" as the brand Slogan of India International Media, aims to explore more possibilities of the fuzzy boundary between design and aesthetics, promote the construction of beautiful design, and create an ideal gathering place for design practitioners and design lovers.
    Inji Media has successfully established brand promotion cooperation plans with famous enterprises such as Baptiste Bohu, Near View Production, Dai Yong Interior Design Office, Matrix Matrix and so on.

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