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    Lena Medvedeva

    Lena Medvedeva

    "Strange, curious forms thatmake you want to pick up the object and feel it with your hands,the kind which makes you guess how it was made.I don’t repeat certain designs or vases to order,each one is unique and born in its own way."——Lena Medvedeva

    Before setting up a studio, making pottery was just one way for Lena Medvedeva, who lives and works in St Petersburg, Russia, to relieve her stress. Lena is good at drawing inspiration from nature, creating unique and undulating designs based on leaves, water lilies and shells. She founded Nezhno Ceramics Studio in 2017 to make exquisite vases and utensils.

    Lena is engaged in the digital marketing work for a start, digital let her have a headache, and accumulate too much pressure must rely on a hobby to release their own mood, because she loved art since I was a child, so Lena tried clothing, jewelry, and interior design, etc., until she met pottery, she soon fell in love with this kind of art form to express their mood.

    Lena's works are exquisite and warm. The studio "Nezhno" in Russian means "gentleness", implying the time and care she pays in creating each work. Through these works, she seeks for her inner femininity and interprets her understanding of female beauty. Flesh pink is her favorite color, and she can feel the elegant quality of women from her designs.

    Lena's main inspirations come from the 1930s, 1960s and 1970s and the designs of Danish magazine Ark Journal. Lena defines her style as perceptual minimalism, not just a cylindrical object, but using different forms of smooth lines to express emotions. Currently, she will work with Plants for Friends to create the Alvar Aalto Library.