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    Ariane Crovisier

    Ariane Crovisier

    "My intention is to dialogue with the earth, where it responds to me,against me, guide me, call me go to unexpected things,starting without a prior idea, before to I think the shape of the completed,I for volume hollow, complete, curve, dot white space will be a surprise."——Ariane Crovisier

    Around the question of the mental processes at work in the creative process, Ariane immediately positioned her modeling in abstract forms, occasionally by exploring hard materials (soapstone, limestone, honeycomb concrete). She also experimented with different techniques for coloring her work: wax, shellac, pigments, acrylic, enamel. Exploring emptiness, fullness, the third dimension, and the reliefs experienced by touching the earth's surface, leads to sensitive communication.

    It's a game of hide-and-seek that she plays with objects when she touches them with her hands, feeling that something is flowing from the inside out Surface. At the same time, she is keen on studying the state of movement of objects.

    When making sculptures, she often regards the sculptures in front of her as movable.Let the line move in different directions, it can be seen from different angles, provide the possibility of interaction with the person who is looking at it, who can ultimately manipulate it, and leave everyone to the imagination...