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    Josefine Winding

    Josefine Winding

    “I aim for a synergy between shape and surface when the surface supports and highlights the form, while the shape brings out the beauty and vitality of the surface through the sculpture’s position in the room and how the light falls on it.”——Josefine Winding

    Josefine Winding is a sculptor from Copenhagen, Denmark. She has been exposed to sculpture since she was a child and is interested in different art forms. Among them, her grandfather had the greatest influence on her. She spent most of her childhood in his grandfather's studio. Grandfather's three-dimensional grasp of shadows, depth, curves and balance shaped the way Winding works today.

    Of course, in addition to the influence of her grandfather, she also ventured into non-objective and specific art movements, and sought inspiration in the surrounding environment. Winding has always been fascinated by abstract, powerful, and simple artistic idioms. When creating sculptures, she will strike a greater balance between geometric shapes and lines, asymmetry and movement, and she is always exploring new things. A sense of tension emerges in these sculptures, as if it is possible to expand or sprout new limbs at any time.

    Winding’s iconic aesthetics is reflected in the balance between edges and rounded corners, as well as carefully considered vacuums and dents, which generate ever-changing light and shadow inside according to the way the light falls and the way the work is placed. Most of her sculptures have anthropomorphic features, but this is not deliberate. She refers to many forms of bodies that she knows and loves, and then unconsciously reflects them through sculptures.