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    Chandler McLellan

    Chandler McLellan

    “”I am inspired by the past and the renditions of the future. I have a degree in archaeology and am driven by the hope that I will be able to leave the world with a greater abundance of material beauty.”——Chandler McLellan

    McLellan was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1993. At an early age, his parents participated in various government assistance programs, and his only entertainment was finding detachable items in the garbage, such as piles of wood, old video recorders and televisions. Later, as his family became financially stable, he fell in love with Lego and enjoyed exploring objects that could be recreated.

    His exploration of art began after college, when he traveled to Europe with his parents and worked with his family on a farm, using locally felled walnut trees and waste from local factories as fuel for his stove. In his time off, he would start organizing firewood, only to stumble over walnut once and fall in love with its beauty, opening his desire for art and later working in a custom woodworking shop.

    Where he learning skills, and will appear in mind, the inspiration in the form of sculpture, and then he started his own studio in Wyoming, where the open landscape and relative isolated environment made him in the escape from reality, with the background of archaeology, his sculpture inspiration from the natural forms of the ancient culture, architecture and strong, His goal was to create art that would stand the test of time and withstand any absolute definition.

    McLellan's work, known for abstract sculptures in walnut and painted maple, is not limited to creating sculptures, but also working with local galleries, interior designers, and collectors to create pieces or furniture for them to satisfy. His work appears in many private collections and has been regularly published in Vanity Fair, Elle Decor, Grazia, The New York Post, Hype Beast, RUM, Ark Journal, and more.


    • BBoi (2020)
    • Cusicollur (2020)
    • Holy Fool (2020)
    • Bandini Fante (2020)