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    Pablo Leonardo Martínez

    Pablo Leonardo Martínez

    Pablo is an introspective artist who has given his sculptures unprecedented autonomy through magical and symbolic ideas that transcend aesthetics, and pays attention to the truth without further purpose, inviting and recommending philosophical treatment, that is, the existence of The ultimate reason.

    The sculptures he used depict our reflections on daily life...with a trace of illusion, a trace of magic, and a trace of non-existent joy. Throughout his career as an artist, he has been experimenting with wood, stone, and iron, looking for ways to construct irregular forms to attract the attention of the audience and challenge the consciousness of space itself. Pablo is very interested in the historical avant-garde of the 20th century, Bauhaus, Russian constructivism, geometric abstraction and early surrealism.

    Among the artists he admires are Kandinsky, Hans Alp, Brancusi, and Kaohsiung. Elder, Mondrian, Giacometti, Klee, Isamu Noguchi, Chillida, Oteza, Anton Pevsner, Naum Gabo, etc. These masters of art have had a certain degree of influence on his works. Pablo-leonardo-martinez "There is no definite job, everything is part of a continuous process.

    When I realized that I was incorporating a new strategy into my formal approach, I thought of this idea, which affected the way I unite elements. This is for me It is a basic point. As I blend in and return to the old feelings, geometry becomes more important again. Although I did not do this, it affected the final result of my work. Don’t think that he has lost it.” Pablo-leonardo- martinez