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    Tanis Saxby

    Tanis Saxby

    “By sculpting both material and space around it, I want my sculptures to appear to move, to assert themselves; to change and grow, to move within, affect and break free from the solid material.”——Tanis Saxby

    Tanis Saxby is a sculptor from Canada. Her forms have a dynamic beauty, where the textures and cracks on the surface present a sense of movement towards something and leave a real trail of change. Her forms have a tension, where opposite energies move outward and inward at the same time, Contrast movement with subtle rest, and always try to adjust yourself, find stillness, and then return to its center.

    Tanis has been living and working in Vancouver, Canada. Her career began as an apprentice. She wanted to find inner peace through a medium, so she fell in love with creating sculpture. After she graduated from university, she went to live in An international hostel in France, where Picasso had studied ceramics.

    Tanis is willing to draw inspiration from life. With her keen eye and honed attention, she brings flowing and sensual sculptures to life. Tanis often deliberately creates wrinkles and gaps in his works, and personally selects materials to fill the broken places, reflecting the beauty of natural fragmentation. Her work is currently exhibited in several private collections in Canada, the United States and Europe, as well as represented by Ivy Brown Gallery in the United States.