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    Kansai Noguchi

    Kansai Noguchi

    Kansai Noguchi Studio Kansai Noguchi Studio was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 2016 as a medieval inspired pottery brand dedicated to elevating fashionable living Spaces, bringing refined taste, function and perfection to everyday life in houses and dining. Its founder, Hiro Noguchi, was a ceramist born in The Kansai region of Japan. His works fused ancient history with modern technology to create a unique Japanese classic. Prior to pottery, Noguchi worked as a musician in the United States. He joined Dumei in 2013 to study music and signed a contract with a talent agency. It may seem that Noguchi's dream of being able to play abroad has come true, but the reality is that the music they want to make doesn't match what the company offers. In their 30s, the band members split up to consider their future. Noguchi met pottery and became obsessed with it because of a friend who worked in art in the United States. When he decided to become a potter, he returned to Japan. After perfecting his studies of iron sculpture under the tutelage of a kanagawa sculptor, he studied pottery in a pottery studio. In 2016, Noguchi set up his own studio and began creating his own original works, which he subsequently held several solo exhibitions in Tokyo. Starting with his masterpiece "JOMON" series, Noguchi brought the culture of ancient Greece and the JOMON period into his work and then expanded it. The "Mehrgarh" collection, to be launched in 2020, is inspired by Mehrgarh clay figurines from modern-day Pakistan. He often studied jomon pottery with a long history. He believed that the powerful power of these pottery with a sense of history and culture inspired him to make new pottery. For this purpose, he personally developed glazes to bring more originality and possibility to pottery.