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    Studio BOYAN

    Studio BOYAN

    “My work is a culmination of My background, My surrounding habitat,My visual memory and My state of mind when creating. ”————Zeynep Boyan

    Studio BOYAN is a ceramic Studio founded by Zeynep Boyan, who uses clay as the main material to make utensils and sculptures. Boyan is a self-taught ceramic artist and designer who currently lives and works in Montreal, Canada.

    Her inspiration comes mainly from the organic forms found in nature, which reflect femininity, masculinity, fluidity and everything in between.

    The SCULPT series is Zeynep Boyan's ongoing project launched in May 2021. Seeking to find various forms of aesthetics, the SCULPT series serves as an experimental research. Aiming to create a line of unique ceramics in contemporary design, the project is embodied by one-of-a-kind pieces. Each piece is created by hand using coiling techniques and high-fired in stoneware clay