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    Naoto Miyazaki

    Naoto Miyazaki

    Miyazaki Naoto was born in Yamanashi, Japan. Since he learned the basics of carving, he began to study various materials, explore modeling in a unique way, and continue to study his ideal shape and structure. He focuses on creating three-dimensional aesthetic things. In addition to plaster sculptures and prints, there are all kinds of unique reliefs. The shape created by his hands not only brings comfortable harmony to the space, but also has a unique sense of existence. Miyazaki had a passion for pursuing art in college and indulged in contemporary art. After graduating from Aoyama University in Tokyo, he began to travel to various countries. He was always looking for a medium to express himself. It was also at that time that Miyazaki saw the possibility in the sculpture. Instead of entering the art school to study art theory, he studied clay sculpture in Matsuura Vientiane (Japan's top carving master) for 5 years. After laying a solid foundation there, he devoted himself to original works. So he opened his own studio in Tokyo, Japan, where he carved every day. Miyazaki's works are mainly completed through the medium of gypsum, which makes the shape of natural objects more three-dimensional, and reflects the body freedom through the powerful sculpture structure. In order to achieve the ideal final form in his heart, he scrapes and adds again and again, and finally creates a unique sculpture that is difficult to be imitated.