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    Text jumps out of the page, constructing a diverse three-dimensional space from a two-dimensional text system. Words, paragraphs, chapters, and even punctuation are infused with dynamic life. A sense of self-awareness in reading rituals, with the passage of time, the paper gradually oxidizes - turns yellow or curls, and ultimately becomes loved by bookworms to the point where ink prints fade away. Various natural traces together witness the existence of the past.

    Journal of Information


    Art is a boundless realm through which humanity unfurls its deepest emotions. It transcends judgment, offering a liberating experience for all. Art is the only thing that human beings can express without limitations and without the tinge of the rules of society.

    --《美学》客座主编Ileana Moro

    Evolution should be a hallmark of a seasoned designer. Their works should have delved into the fundamental essence, showcasing unique insights and styles while consistently pursuing the iterative development of their creations. It is crucial to respect the cultural genes of each project, ensuring that every work possesses its own character and cultural impact, creating memorable experiences that provoke contemplation. The goal is to connect with the audience not only on an emotional level but also through spiritual and sensory resonance.



    The theme "Nature" embodies a profound exploration of the symbiotic relationship between nature, architecture, and art - a triadic dance where each partner influences and complements the other. Nature, with its untamed beauty and inherent wisdom, has stood as an eternal muse for architects and artists across centuries, guiding them towards a harmonious integration of both the constructed and natural worlds.